Welcome on the homepage of my Sunbird-extension
"Automatic Export".

  • Problem:
    I would like to make a backup of my calendars.
    To show events on my desktop I'am using "Rainlendar". Since version "0.3" Sunbird is using a databse instead an ics-file. To get an ics-file of an database, the user must exort a calendar.

  • Solution:
    I wrote a extension. This extension export a calendar on close, after pressing a button or with an intervall in a directory in ics, csv or html-format.

  • Features:
    • Select a directory with a dialog
    • Select a calendar with a dialog
    • Select all calendars with an checkbox
    • Export with an button
    • Export with an intervall
    • Export in 2 modes. (normal or backup)
    • Start an application after export

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26.04.2011 - New Version
Removed export on close as a result of many problems with this feature.
Therefore i integrated the possibility to configure a export with an interval in the options.
10.04.2008 - New Version
Sorry, again. Only a update for 0.8 and 0.9pre.
27.10.2007 - New Version
Sorry. No more than to make ready for version 0.7 and 0.8pre.
05.07.2007 - New Version
Now it is possible to export html and ics at the same time! But I must disable the csv-checkbox in cause of an error.
17.06.2007 - New Version
This Version is only because of the new Thunderbird-version! But I hope next week I will find some time to implement new features.